TOPEKA (KSNT)– One local family getting a special act of kindness from a stranger coming into the New Year.

Keyera Patrick was shopping at Dillons with her three kids, Mia, Savannah and Levi. They were getting their favorite snacks to celebrate the New Year with when a stranger approached them at check-out.

The stranger insisted that Keyera take $20 from her to get the kids more snacks, as well as she gave her a gift card to Texas Roadhouse, so she could take herself and the kids out to a nice dinner.

Keyera said she didn’t know who the woman was, but that she and her family have had a rough time this year and the gift was a great way to start off the New Year.

So much so, that she and her family decided to pay the act of kindness forward.

“My daughter is in fourth grade, and we go to TBC, Topeka Bible Church, and they have a little art room that they were just starting up today,” said Keyera. “It’s the first time for the third through fifth graders to be in that classroom, and they were looking for donations, so we were talking about how we can be helping out with that.”

She proceeded to post what had happened on Facebook in hopes that it reminds people to know that blessings can come from anyone, even people that you don’t know.