TOPEKA (KSNT) – With Halloween approaching, haunted houses are starting to pop up all over Topeka.

The first year haunted houses really started to take off in Topeka was 2015. That’s when Jinxed Productions introduced Project Terror. Since then, haunts quickly became a Halloween favorite for many in the community.

“We’re very proud of the fact that Topeka now is pretty thriving when it comes to the haunted house community,” Jinxed Productions owner Adam Jenks said. “Now we have three or four other haunts you can go to in town and I think that’s spectacular.”

Topeka now offers a variety of fun, yet scary experiences. From haunted trail walks in the woods, to an indoor maze at Stormont Vail Events Center, Jinxed Productions is confident there is a haunted experience for everyone.

“Everybody has their own different thing,” Jenks said. “I just think it’s part of the whole picture of Halloween. I think everybody needs to attend a Halloween party or a costume party, and there’s a couple seances, kind of fun little drinks with ghosts in town which I think is great.”

While walking through haunted houses may bee too spooky for some, there are still activities to get in the Halloween spirit.

The owner of one Topeka escape room says some of their rooms take a more fearful turn this time of year.

“They are a little bit more macabre. Our murder of crows room is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, so it’s really a good Halloween theme.”

Fear Zone and many other haunted houses in the area are open through Oct. 31.