TOPEKA (KSNT)- The intersection of 29th and Auburn Road has one of the highest rates of crashes in the state, according to county officials, and is getting a much-needed renovation. It’s part of a larger project to renovate the half-mile stretch of Auburn Road.

The intersection will become a roundabout and make the road three lanes and add a sidewalk. Public works officials tell 27 News the renovation is much needed.

“The intersection at 29th and Auburn Rd is the 3rd highest for all types of crashes, 2nd highest for fatality and serious type crashes. I believe at this time, Shawnee county public works would be negligent not to move to auburn road and improve that at this time” says Curt Niehaus, Director of Shawnee County Public Works.

The project will not start until early in 2025, and it will finish the same year before the new school building is operating.