After nearly losing his life in a car crash at Heartland Motorsports Park in April, a Manhattan man is defying the odds.

After just seven weeks, Drew Casper is close to walking out of the doors at Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska and returning to life as normal.

All of his rapid progress has people at the hospital calling him a walking miracle.

His rehab consists of activities that reflect what he’ll do when he returns home, from cooking corn dogs to driving and sending emails.

“It does help me and motivate me,” said Casper. “Things like the driving simulator, that’s a big part of my job. My current job is driving.”

Drew was at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka when he was riding in a car with a driver who crashed into a wall. Both he and the driver were hurt. Drew suffered serious spinal cord and brain injuries.

While he continues to impress everyone with how fast he’s progressing, returning to life as normal wasn’t something his family thought they would experience so soon.

“To never really lose hope and to be able to survive that many days of not knowing how this was going to turn out, it was tough in the beginning,” said Drew’s dad David. “But, Drew made it easy for us.”

In just about two months time, his physical therapists have been blown away by his progress.

“Just to see someone coming in in the comatose stage and not responding to much stimulation, to not only go from not talking, not moving to walking and now seeing him do things like jogging and a lot of agility, I mean you can hardly look at Drew and not believe in god,” said Drew’s physical therapist Hailey Damrow. “He’s just come a super long way.”

Even other patients are in awe of how well he’s recovered.

“The people down the hall that we met two days ago, they call me miracle boy,” said Drew. “It is kind of like a miracle in a way.”

While it may not be easy, Drew’s determination and positivity have helped him get closer and closer to a full recovery every day.