EMPORIA (KSNT) — A hoarder house in Emporia with no sanitation or proper living conditions is taken over by cats and dogs.

Everything from spiderwebs to maggots and feces cover the floors and walls of an Emporia home filled with animals. A call for help was made to the Emporia Animal Shelter, Street Cats Club, and other area rescues to save these four-legged friends.

“You could smell it from the road,” Emporia Kansas Animal Shelter Employee, Cade Corcoran said. “Just the stench of the place and walking in it was almost like an immediate reaction of you could just feel everything crawling up you, even if there wasn’t anything there. It was just absolutely atrocious.”

All hands were on deck to safely get these animals out.

“I went in with like little galosh boots duck taped to my pants, and gloves duck taped to my sleeves, and one those gas masks in there because I can’t do all that, but it was terrible,” Corcoran said.

Rescuing this many pets all at once isn’t the only issue. It’s what’s next for them. Figuring out how to take care of them and get them back to health.

“Taking in 80 cats for any size shelter at one time is just a big deal,” Street Cats Club Founder, Victoria Partridge said. “And the Emporia Animal Shelter does great, but 80 cats for them, plus us is just so many cats.”

Many shelters are already filled to the max. Which is why they need your help.

“Anybody who may be watching this, if they think maybe I can help, if you work with a rescue or shelter, or know of somebody who does, please have them reach out to the Emporia Animal Shelter or even us at the Street Cats club and see how you can help us transfer these cats into another place where they may be able to get adopted,” Partridge said.

As of now, 69 of these cats are in kennels at the Emporia Kansas Animal Shelter. Ten have already been put in foster homes. Unfortunately, one had to be euthanized due to it being too sick.