RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) – The Riley County Police Department released a statement on Friday cautioning visitors at Pillsbury Crossing to be respectful of established rules while staying in the area.

The RCPD reported it had received numerous complaints from people near Pillsbury Crossing regarding the large numbers of people present drinking and parking in the water. This prompted the RCPD to put out a list on Facebook of common rules to keep in mind while visiting the area.

  • No alcohol is allowed in the area
  • Parking or standing in the roadway that crosses the water is prohibited
  • Driving off the designated roadway is unlawful
  • Parking is only allowed in designated areas
  • Swimming is not allowed at Pillsbury Crossing

The RCPD also reminded the public the crossing is a family-friendly environment and encouraged people to help keep it that way as it is one of the eight wonders of Kansas. Police are expected to continued to patrol the area in the near future and issue citations and warnings for those who are found to be in violation of the rules above.

To see the RCPD’s original post on Facebook, click here.