Owner of Kitch Towing apologizes for racist post on snapchat

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The owner of Kitch Towing and Recovery issued an apology on Saturday after he posted an insensitive photo of George Floyd.

The death of 46-year-old George Floyd is making national headlines and causing protests across the county.

The owner of Kitch Towing, Ryan Kitchen, received backlash after posting an insensitive picture of Floyd on his Snapchat account. KSNT News reached out to Kitchen for a response and received this statement:

“To the deceased, his family, my community, and the world:

I deeply regret reposting a cruel and hateful picture of Mr. George Floyd on Snapchat. Not only were my actions thoughtless, reprehensible, and disrespectful to the deceased and his family, they were hurtful to my community and condoned racism.

In a time where we should be coming together and trying to heal, I added to the pain, the hate, the racism, and discrimination that is so rampant in this world. To say that I regret what I did is an understatement. I know my actions are inexcusable, I deserve every bit of scorn and hostility being shown to me.

I take full responsibility for this arrogant, insensitive action that was mine and mine alone. None of my employees, friends, or any members of my family were part of this in any way, and they do not deserve any of the backlash from this thoughtless and hurtful act.

I apologize without reservation for reposting this despicably altered photo of Mr. Floyd. It was debased, inhuman, and cruel. His life should be shown respect and reverence. His death is not a joke. This man endured a horrendous end to his life. I had and have no right to make a joke of it.

Please know I do not expect forgiveness. I know there is none for what I have done. I know that no amends or apology will ever right this grievous wrong. But I will do anything I can and need to, to help right the harm for the thoughtless, crude disrespect I have shown.

Humbled by the pain I have caused,

Ryan Kitchen”.

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