TOPEKA (KSNT)- Octogenarian John Benson, the former owner of John’s Pauline Food Center, is retiring after 50 years of service. Benson sold the grocery store to a new owner.

Benson, a former employee of the Fleming Group, quit his job and bought the former grocery store in 1972 after the company said it didn’t fit its image. For roughly 30 years, Benson owned and operated the store before he retired the first time, and moved to Denver.

A short while later, Benson said he hated not working, so he returned to the company. Benson worked for 20 more years at the food center before he decided it was time to retire for good.

“They are my friends, and it was sad that last week you know, but I waited on them when they were children, and I knew their grandparents, kids and all. We were kind of a family,” Benson said.

He may not be done for good.

“There is no ‘for sure’ of anything in life,” Benson said.

Benson says his biggest worry now is what he’ll do with his time.