TOPEKA (KSNT) — It was a normal day for Braden, 11 years old, and Jayden Harper,10 years old, as they helped their aunt, Brittany, wash her car at a Junction City car wash.

Normal, until they started to suspect that something wasn’t quite right.

“We heard screaming,” Jayden Harper, one of the rescuers said. “At first we thought it was just kids playing on the trampoline or in a pool cause it was a pretty hot day, then the screaming got louder and louder and more intense.”

After hearing the screams come from a home neighboring the car wash, they decided to peer over the fence to get a better look. They discovered that the noise was coming from two young children, twin boys between the ages of 6 months and 18 months, barely bobbing above the water’s surface of a backyard pool.

“I ran up and tried to hop the fence. Braden’s already over, so I had somebody help me hop the fence,” Jayden said.

Once the boys were over the fence, they ran to rescue the children from the pool then kept them occupied until police arrived at the scene. Thankfully, both the young children were fine thanks to the brave young boys and their actions.

“They got recognized at school for being heroes,” said Brittany Harper, the boys’ aunt. “The police department is supposed to be recognizing them also.”

It is not known how the babies ended up in the pool unsupervised and why they were not pulled out sooner.

“I felt sad that the babies had to go through that,” said Braden Harper, the other rescuer. “But, relief that we got them out.”