Party leaders suggest Mayor De La Isla will announce Congressional run this week

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Democratic leaders are hinting that Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla will jump into the second district congressional race sometime in the next few days.  

De La Isla has been considering a run for Kansas’s second district congressional seat. She told KSNT News last month that she was torn. 

Now it seems she’s given the Democratic party leader her answer. Kansas Democratic Party Chair Vicki Hiatt hinted at a run.

“We have an announcement coming up next week for congressional district number two,” Hiatt said. “I won’t give that information just yet.”  

Hiatt deferred to De La Isla when asked if she was specifically hinting at the Topeka mayor joining the race.

“I like to let candidates make their own announcements,” Hiatt replied.  

KSNT News political analyst Dr. Bob Beatty said the move would add some excitement to the race.

“Michelle De La Isla entering this race would turn a snoozeville election into really one of the top races in the country,” Beatty said.

The mayor would be facing off against incumbent Republican Steve Watkins, and Republican State Treasurer Jake LaTurner. 

“One of the top things Democrats are looking at right now is diversity,” Beatty said. “Obviously Michelle De La Isla is a latina woman and she also has a different background than many candidates may have.”

She’d be taking on a bigger job representing a larger group of voters than just Topekans. 

“It’s a big decision for her,” Beatty said. “She’s been a very active mayor of Topeka and obviously when someone is running for U.S. Congress you just can’t spend as much time with your other job. The biggest challenge for Mayor De La Isla will be getting out of Topeka, getting her name out of Topeka.”

KSNT News did reach out to Mayor De La Isla by calling, texting and emailing her but she did not respond.

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