TOPEKA (KSNT) – The search is on for a lost pair of pet peacocks that have been missing since Friday.

Anje Kearney didn’t know her peacocks were missing until she saw a video of them walking down the street on social media. Sure enough, they were hers and for the last four days it’s been a struggle to get all of them home safely.

“I just kind of go, ‘okay, I’m going to find them today’, and when I don’t, I go, ‘okay I’m going to find them tomorrow’, it’s hard,” Kearney said.

Kearney spoke with 27 News about her four peacocks: Harry, Jack, Luna and Ginny. Two have returned home. Harry was spotted in a tree on Monday, but he wouldn’t come down. Jack is still on the loose and no one has been able to spot him.

Peacocks are legal to own in Kansas, unlike robins or blue jays, which are native species and have federal and state laws that protect them. With that comes challenges, such as catching them because local law enforcement can’t help.

“They can be dangerous,” said Shanna Simpson, Animal Curator at the Topeka Zoo. “And they aren’t going to obviously seek out people and hurt them and hunt them. However, they can be aggressive if they’re threatened. So it is recommended that you don’t chase them or try to catch them.”

Kearney said this has never happened before and she has barely heard of peacocks on the loose.

“I really have no idea what caused this…none,” Kearney said.

While kept at a zoo, the wings of a peacock are trimmed to prevent flight, but Simpson says, like anything, feathers can grow back. So, what do you do if you see a peacock on the loose?

“We don’t recommend calling the police,” Simpson said. “Peacocks are pets. You wouldn’t call the police for a cat you see walking down the street, so it’s really not an emergency.”

Oddly enough, this is not the first time a peacock has gone missing in the Topeka area. A peacock named Kevin went missing in 2019 after disappearing from his home in Meriden.

If you see either of Kearney’s peacocks on the run, reach out to her on Facebook here or call her at 785-580-6032.