TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Making sure kids are healthy is the number one priority at Pediatric Associates of Topeka.

When they heard from parents that they were having trouble finding baby formula at grocery stores or they simply couldn’t afford it, they knew they had to help.

One of their nurses came up with the idea to dip into their stash of baby formula and offer it to those who need it for free.

“The kiddos that need formula are like the infants up to toddlerhood,” said Pediatrician Dr. Eleni Grammatikopoulou. “These are the kids that we want to see grow because these are the ones that you know sometimes are feeling deprived or have issues growing anyway. So, if you don’t have the supply of the food too, that makes it a lot worse.”

They said they’ll be providing the formula as long as they have the supplies to do it.

“Our nurses are actually taking those calls and they are doing curbside delivery, so they are taking it out to the cars which is great,” said Pediatrician Dr. Sara Nelson. “It’s amazing. The people are so grateful for it. I mean, it feels good. Whatever we can do to help.”

In a time of uncertainty, they’re hoping to be a resource that people can count on.

Nelson said staff members have already reached out to the companies that supply the formula to hopefully get more so that they can continue providing it to those who need it the most.