TOPEKA (KSNT) – It was a scary Tuesday morning for dog owner Hayden Haynes. What started off as just any other day, quickly turned into a nightmare.

Like most dog owners, Haynes day started with taking his dog Sativa on a walk. But this time was unlike previous outings when his dog got skittish and ran off.

“I was immediately terrified because I’ve spent every single day with her for the past year and four months,” Haynes said. “The longest I’ve gone away with her is 12 hours.”

At one point, thinking all was lost, thinking he’ll never see his best friend again, Haynes started to frantically run everywhere, bringing blisters to his feet.

“I was running across the gravel,” Haynes said. “I could just feel my feet ripping apart. But as I was running I was like ‘agh my feet are hurting, I don’t care, I’m finding my dog.'”

Eventually Haynes did just that, but it didn’t come without a wild adventure. That’s when the magic of social media came into place for Tasha Hudson. Hudson, a neighbor, who’s brother is a Fedex driver, came across Sativa while delivering packages in her apartment complex. Sativa, a little worse for wear after apparently getting hit by a car, jumped into the driver’s truck, bleeding from her injuries.

“I posted about it, posted the picture, and where it was and quickly people were commenting, tagging the other post, tagging the other owner,” Haynes’ neighbor Tasha Hudson said.

Like Hudson, Haynes had the same idea. Then not even an hour later, Haynes received a screenshot of Hudson’s Facebook post.

“Within 30 minutes of me posting it, I got four or five people saying I saw your dog, I saw your dog,” Haynes said.