TOPEKA (KSNT) – Police reform is one of the top subjects under discussion with Topeka’s City Council, on Tuesday night.

While no actions were taken, the City Council did discuss recent events related to the TPD. This included the death of a man at the hands of TPD officers after he tried to charge the officers while wielding a knife.

“There was no crisis intervention team that was called, and I would ask, ‘why not?'” said City Council member Christina Valdivia-Alcala. “He was cutting himself with the knife which, to me, screams of a cry for help.”

City Mayor Mike Padilla encouraged Topekans to make their voices heard if they have any suggestions on police reform in the capital city by reaching out to their respective City Council members.

“We have to put a very good faith effort into looking at these recommendations, believing in them and, as Councilwoman Valdivia-Alcala like to say, ‘trust that we have been able and worked hard to do these in an environment of trying to improve wherever we can our services to the citizens of Topeka,'” Padilla said.

Former City Mayor Michelle De La Isla created a special committee made up of City Council members in 2020 with the objective of keeping conversations on topics related to policing in Topeka active. The goal of the body is to present concerns from community members and educate the local community about the TPD so that changes can be made. A draft of recommendations for the Topeka Police Department was released on June 7, 2022.