MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Law enforcement is warning college students to be careful approaching winter break due to a man referred to as the “Kansas College Rapist.”

The Riley County Police Department reports that between 2000 and 2015 a total of 14 completed or attempted rapes of female college students occurred in Lawrence and Manhattan. These incidents happened while the students were in their off-campus homes and, with the exception of the first reported incident, each rape case coincided with a break from classes at the University of Kansas or Kansas State University.

Police believe that each rape case was committed by the same man who is recognized as the “Kansas College Rapist”. A joint investigation into the rapes continues to this day through the Lawrence Police Department and the RCPD.

We encourage all residents to be vigilant in exercising personal safety and report any suspicious activity during the Winter break. For those who do not travel, it is important to pay extra attention to activities surrounding your home.

RCPD statement

You can call the RCPD at 785-537-2112 or the LPD at 785-832-7509 to reach their non-emergent lines. You can also call 785-539-7777 for the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers and 785-843-TIPS in Lawrence.

The RCPD has a web page dedicated to this case. You can check it out by clicking here.