TOPEKA (KSNT) – With the end of the Kansas Primary Election all political signs be taken down, according to the City of Topeka.

Two days after an election ends, all political signs must be removed from the public right of way. A temporary sign ordinance will be enforced starting Friday, Aug. 5.

Those who violate the ordinance may have to pay a $50 penalty. Each day that the violation repeats will be treated as a separate and distinct offense. The fines go into effect following the third day after Election Day. Removal of each sign is $30.

A written notice will be sent to those found in violation of the ordinance that a period of no more than three days will be provided for removal of the sign. Otherwise, the sign will be impounded and held for 10 business days. After this, the signs will be disposed of. The owner of the signs has until the end of the 10 day period to secure the return of the signs and pay any fines.