TOPEKA (KSNT) – The owners of Poppin Squeeze food truck, Aaron and Lauren Parrish joined 27 News Friday to discuss their history in the food truck business and upcoming events.

Poppin Squeeze began as a hot dog cart in 2010 but transitioned to selling kettle corn and lemonade at local events.

The coronavirus pandemic slowed business down in 2020, and they had to make some changes to operations.

“We had one, maybe two, of our normal 60 events at the time. So we really had to reevaluate the business and come up with a new business plan. We started doing a lot more school fundraisers, for example,” Parrish said.

Business began picking up again in 2021 for Poppin Squeeze and has been thriving ever since. However, they are now facing supply chain issues

“At this very moment, sugar is very hard to come by right now. I had to buy a pallet of 10-pound bags the other day,” Parrish says.

Poppin Squeeze can be found at the Downtown Topeka Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and will be at Helping Hands Humane Society on June 4th. For updates on where you can find Poppin Squeeze, visit their Facebook page.