Postcard circulating targets Democratic candidates for City Council

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Anonymous political postcards were circulating around different districts this week, targeting democratic candidates for City Council specifically.

Local elections are starting on Tuesday, and local candidates for office were concerned when they discovered a postcard with at least one serious error circulating around their districts. These postcards list any case that the democratic candidates have been involved with at the Shawnee County Courthouse, ranging from unpaid taxes to unpaid debts.

“Someone compiled every infraction under every Marcus Clark and listed that deliberately against me this close to Tuesday,” Marcus Clark, one of the democratic candidates for District 5, said.

Clark specifically was hurt by the production of the postcard, as whoever created the card confused him with another man in Shawnee County. The Marcus we spoke to, is Marcus A. Clark. The charge of domestic violence listed on the postcard belonged to Marcus T. Clark, and even those charges had been dismissed.

“I’ve never been arrested for anything in my life. This Marcus Clark that is being referenced in this article is not me. My name is Marcus Anthony Clark, and I’m here to clear the air over that,” he said.

Brett Kell, who is also on the ballot as a Democratic candidate for District 5, was also on the postcard. However, the only thing mentioned regarding his history on the postcard was a $10 seatbelt violation from eight years ago.

“I can’t speak for Marcus and I can’t speak for Arian,” Kell said. “But it’s trying to figure out why someone’s trying to come at all three of us when we are the only three candidates in the race.”

Ariane Davis is also a democratic candidate for District 5 who was on the ballot but was unable to speak Thursday due to personal reasons.

In the case of District 5, no Republicans are running against the Democratic candidates. As KSNT further investigated the issue, we found that this was also an issue in other districts as well, with only democratic candidates being targeted. As of right now, there is no identification on the source of the postcard, or who disseminated them.

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