TOPEKA (KSNT) – With talk of a conditional use permit regarding a new communication tower, residents nearby are wanting their concerns heard by Shawnee County Officials.

In west Topeka, plans are being put in place for a potential AT&T tower in a residential area at 6540 SW 21st. One woman who lives directly next door to where the tower is planning to be is not looking forward to seeing the tower from her backyard.

“I wish they would just rethink this,” Next door neighbor Mary Dodson said. “As far as loyalty to the neighbors and knowing that it’s a residential area, put it somewhere where there are no houses.” 

Residents in the 1,000-foot radius are concerned over what the cell tower could do to property value. Additionally, uncertainty and misinformation regarding health concerns from 5G towers is another worry for those in the area.

The Shawnee County Planning Department is holding a public hearing over the communication tower tomorrow. The public hearing begins at 6 p.m. at the Shawnee County Annex, found at 1515 NW Saline Street, in the first-floor conference room.

KSNT received the following statement from an AT&T spokesperson:

This site is part of our ongoing investment to improve service and coverage for our Topeka customers, including first responders. When selecting a new cell site, we work with local officials to find the location that balances the needs of our business with the concerns of the community. 


-We follow the guidelines and standards set by the FCC regarding health and safety. The international scientific consensus is that there are no known health risks from RF energy. This includes the expert opinion of the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and the Food and Drug Administration