JUNCTION CITY (KSNT) – November 2nd is a day Cierra Marrero will never forget.

Cierra was brutally attacked by a dog in her own driveway, leaving her with permanent damage in her legs. But, more so, damage to her mental health.

Cierra was in her normal routine: go to work, pick up her daughter Kaylee and go home. But when she got home, her life changed forever.

“I got out, and carried the baby, maybe a few feet to the door, I noticed some barking,” Cierra said. “It was a scary moment, it was one of those moments where you turn around, and you kind of know, what was coming, what to expect.”

Cierra says a dog bit her in the knee and the leg. She was able to grab her daughter and get back in the car. The dog’s owner grabbed it, trying to control the dog.

Cierra was then able to call the police. Not only was she protecting herself and her daughter, she’s also pregnant.

“I’m just glad my daughters okay, because it could have ended in a different way,” Cierra said. “I’m glad my child is okay and I didn’t miscarry.”

Cierra says even though the owner got the dog away from them, she hasn’t heard anything else from them.

“No apologies, I’ve received no gestures, I see them every day, it’s hard mentally to watch them go inside their house,” Cierra said.

Cierra’s husband, Christian, said he wants someone to take responsibility for the dog and the attack.

“I grew up with animals, and if you cannot control your animal, you cannot have it,” Christian said. “I am an animal lover, I had pets before and I know how important they are for peoples lives.”

Cierra and Christian have been working with the Junction City Police Department. She has reported the dog before but wasn’t heard.

“I wouldn’t have gotten bit three days later,” Cierra said.

The Junction City Police Department released a statement saying the owner of the dog is in custody with a future court date set. The dog is in mandatory custody, but this is still an ongoing investigation.