Preschoolers find their zen doing this activity

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Everyone has a different way of relaxing, but when it comes to Alexandra Mason’s preschoolers, she knows exactly what will help them find their Zen: yoga.

Mason is the Early Childhood Special Education teacher at Randolph Elementary School. Every day, she goes through a routine with her kids, and part of that routine is doing yoga.

She says it’s good for the kids because a lot of the children in her classroom have high sensory needs and they tend to seek out proprioceptive input in particular. According to Peak Pediatric Rehabilitation, that means “sensory input we gain into our joints and muscles to tell us about our movements and body position.”

Mason says yoga helps them do this, as well as helps them stay calmer for longer amounts of time.

“Because if they’re able to get out some of that energy and kind of feel more grounded which we can do with yoga, it can help that sit down a little bit quieter and for a little bit longer afterward,” she said.

Yoga also helps the kids by helping them connect a motion with cognitive thought, something that can be hard for them to do sometimes.

“Not only is it making them work physically, but it’s making their brain work because it’s causing them to focus a lot of their attention on me,” Mason said. “And what I’m doing while also getting them to think ‘How can I get my body to look like hers?'”

And for all of the Yogis out there, ironically enough, most of the kids seemed to enjoy child’s pose the most.

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