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Pro-life marchers fear future of abortion movement in Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Hundreds of pro-life Kansans marched on the Capitol Tuesday on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade for the annual March for Life. Those activists say now more than ever their movement is threatened.

They came out despite the cold and rain, because they said they're concerned about the state's pro-choice Supreme Court and Democratic Governor. 

One of the people who came to the rally was Senate President Susan Wagle. 

"I was pro-choice in my youth, then I got married and became a mom, and I realized with my first pregnancy when that baby started to hiccup and kick, that that's an infant, a child, an independent child, independent from my body and that child has the right to life," Wagle said.  

It wasn't just lawmakers and adults. The rally attracted young people too, like teenagers Samantha Kopecky and Stacia Mendoza, who are just as passionate about the movement. 

"It's important to realize everybody deserves to be here, whether that be the eldest of the eldest or someone in the womb," Kopecky said.  

"It wasn't until 8th grade that I heard what actually happened during an abortion," Mendoza said. "Once I heard that I couldn't understand why anybody would think it was acceptable." 

No matter the age, all activists said they're concerned about abortions in Kansas. Wagle said she and other legislators have worked to pass laws restricting abortions, but the state's Supreme Court could undo that. 

"The state Supreme Court could overrule some of the restrictions that have been placed in Kansas that are in line with Roe vs. Wade," Wagle said, "There is concern amongst this crowd that the court might overturn some legislation that Kansas legislature has passed." 

She said if that happens, the state's new Democratic Governor could further unravel their pro-life work. 

"Certainly the Governor could use her ability, if the court overthrows our current restrictions," Wagle said, "It will be very difficult to re enact those restrictions with a Governor who's pro-choice." 

KSNT News also reached out to pro-choice groups in Kansas - but they didn't want to comment for our story.



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