Professors worry about losing federal grants because of mandates

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — Some university workers are concerned that the new state law will put them out of compliance with the guidelines put in at the federal level, causing them to lose necessary money for federal grants.

Berl Oakley is a professor of molecular and cellular biology at KU. He says that three of the employees who work in his lab are compensated with money provided from federal grants.

Without the help of those grants, those three employees, and other employees at universities nationwide, would be without a job.

KU’s policies are currently in compliance with both state and federal guidelines, but Oakley fears that they are walking a fine line.

“The Administration hopes that they are aligning well enough with federal guidelines that there will be no problems,” said Oakley. “But I think it’s the kind of thing that they are concerned about, and that they will be looking into, to make sure everything will work out.”

According to KU’s website, all employees who want to receive an exemption from the vaccine because of religious reasons, need to submit a request before Jan. 18.

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