Protesters in Lawrence outraged over drawing of George Floyd with noose around neck

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A group of people gathered for hours on Saturday night on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence in response to a piece of artwork that someone found nailed to a tree on the popular street, along with a note.

The sign that started it all had George Floyd drawn on it with a noose around his neck and the words “obey” written along the bottom.

There was also a note next to it that said the artist created it in order to criticize the black lives matter movement, which he wrote was an anti-American mob.

Lawrence police said they actually talked to the person who claims to be the artist of that drawing, who asked if it was OK for it to be up in Lawrence, in which Lawrence police told him it was.

As of Saturday evening, Lawrence police said they have found no evidence of a crime connected to the artwork, but officers are investigating.

They said there won’t be any legal action taken, unless they find evidence of a crime.

Protesters said law enforcement should not have allowed the sign to stay up.

“Today, we want the voices to be heard so we’re standing here on purpose. We’re not standing here to hurt you. We’re not standing here to devour you, we’re standing here to be heard,” Regina Platt, a protester, said. “We’re standing here to affect change, we’re standing here as a monumental movement of truth. And so we’re just waiting, we’re just waiting. We’re not moving.”

“This is a season of stance and we want a breakthrough,” Platt continued. “Can you hear us? Can you hear us? My life matters too.”

Lawrence police did not set a timeline for Saturday evening’s protest, but did say they would stay on scene as long as protesters were out.

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