TOPEKA (KSNT)- In the month of February, the Riley County Police Department reported that they had recorded 40 reports of car burglaries in Manhattan.

The RCPD’s Director, Brian Peete, joined the KSNT 27 News Morning show to explain how they are handling that issue before it progresses.

“We are keeping our hot-spot policing and we are looking at data sets to see when these things happen and where they are happening at so that we can dictate where we need to send staffing out,” Peete said.

Peete said that a lot of the thefts did not occur from forced entry.

“As we get proactive, we also need the folks at home to make sure they’re locking their doors, keeping your windows rolled up and parking your vehicles in well-lit areas so you aren’t an easy target,” Peete said.

In addition to commenting on the high number of car burglaries, he spoke about the success of the Wildcats and their big win, how this years’ Fake Patty’s day went and a new Dark Web training they are holding at the end of May.