RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) – Riley County Police Department (RCPD) Director Brian Peete joined the 27 News Morning show to speak about safety initiatives changing to close out the year.

He said that currently the RCPD is having conversations with businesses in the community about safety concerns in Aggieville.

“Part of our strategic plan is to look at implementing technology in different ways of patrol and policing strategies to keep Aggieville safe and to make sure folks feel comfortable being there,” Peete said.

More specifically, Peete said the RPCD want to start incorporating the use of cameras in the Aggieville area. That way, if something is happening within a specific area of town, they can share that video with different businesses in the area as a precaution to them.

“So, if there is something going on within the area, we can hone in on it and do what we need to do to be proactive and to be responsive,” Peete said.

He said with everything happening in the world right now, he wants people to know they will always be safe in the Aggieville community.

“We just want to make sure that is always going to be as safe as it can possibly be,” he said.

In addition to speaking on safety concerns, Peete commented on October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Halloween safety and the upcoming Cops N’ Kids Fundraiser. To hear more about that, watch the full interview above.