Recent rain leaves standing water everywhere, creating a perfect set-up for mosquitoes to call home

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The recent rain has left standing water everywhere, and the concern from flooding is creating more issues than just on roads and in people’s homes.

It also creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

Flood Plain mosquitoes are the most prevalent to our area right now for that reason.

The good news is that these species do not usually carry West Nile Virus and Zika.

Although, that doesn’t mean the mosquitoes that do carry those viruses won’t make their way to Northeast Kansas.

That’s exactly why the Shawnee County Health Department spends time setting up traps this time of year.

“Where we have these placed is to give us a good representative population for the entire community to get us the best gauge if you will, of what might be our risk for the entire Shawnee County population,” Craig Barnes with the Health Department, said. 

The Health Department has no confirmed cases of West Nile in the area right now.

There are ways you can prevent mosquitoes from camping out around your home. You can take part in the county’s Dump Day Campaign that happens every Friday.

All you have to do is simply go around your home and dump out any standing water in places like buckets, planters, birdbaths, and more.

The health department also gives out mosquito dunks for free that you can put in low lying areas for 30 days. It slowly puts larvacide into the ground to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

The Health Department gave KSNT News a box to hand out if you’re in the area and need one.

You can stop by the station, Monday through Friday during business hours to get one. 

Click here for ways to prevent mosquito bites.

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