TOPEKA (KSNT) – Mammoth Sports Construction on Wednesday announced retiring Seaman School superintendent Dr. Steve Noble will join its team as Director of Business Development on July 1.

“Steve’s experience as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent is a perfect fit for Mammoth and we’re thrilled to have him on the team to keep serving communities and students in a new way,” said Mammoth President Jake Farrant.

Seaman Superintendant Dr. Steve Noble announced his retirement online in the district’s February eCommunicator, an online newsletter, in early February.

“I’ve been working in public education for 30 years and my family has been a part of this endearing Seaman community for the last six years. While we have had our challenges as a school community, we’ve also had our celebrations,” Noble said.

As a superintendent, Noble developed a strategic plan that encouraged students to participate in two or more school activities, including sports.

“Athletics is one of the best at-risk programs I’ve come across,” Noble said. “It’s effective at teaching life skills, competition, the importance of being part of a team, working hard, and overcoming challenges.”

As the Seaman superintendent, Noble said he enjoyed working with Mammoth on various projects such as a turf soccer facility, down to smaller upgrades like the installation of handrails.

“Athletic programs are like the front porch program for any school district and community,” Noble said.  “It’s what people see. It energizes a community and a district.”