RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) – A dog park in Riley County has reopened Monday after it voluntarily closed because of a canine parvovirus exposure.

Riley County said it temporarily closed Fairmont Park Dog Park back on Aug. 16, after learning a dog that visited the park was diagnosed with canine parvovirus. A press release indicated the park would reopen Monday, Aug. 21 after enough time for any virus in the area to die off, especially with the extreme heat.

The county closed both the large and small dog enclosures as a precautionary measure. KSNT 27 News confirmed with Riley County that the park is open as of Monday; and asked if other pet owners came forward after the county told people to monitor their pets for possible symptoms.

“Parks staff are not aware of any additional cases of canine parvovirus or reports from pet owners who visited Fairmont Park Dog Park,” spokeswoman Vivienne Leyva said.

Riley County also offered this advice to pet owners considering the high temperatures: bring your pet indoors, provide plenty of fresh and cool water, try to keep your pet’s paws off the hot pavement and watch for signs of heat distress. This can include excessive panting or drooling, rapid pulse or vomiting. The county says pet owners should reach out to a veterinarian if they suspect their pet is suffering from heatstroke.