Rising lake levels won’t stop the Country Stampede music festival

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The popular Country Stampede music festival in Manhattan is held under the Tuttle Creek Lake dam each year. Organizers said while the lake is higher than usual because of heavy rainfall, concertgoers shouldn’t be concerned.

The Tuttle Creek Lake water level is 50 feet higher than usual, but Country Stampede President Wayne Rouse said there have been plenty of times in the past when rain filled the Tuttle Creek Lake.

“Not the size that it is right now, but it still was not an issue,” Rouse said. 

He said when the lake gets too high, the Army Corps of Engineers releases some of the water.

“We’ve had them release large amounts of water before, and basically all that does is take out about 10 campsites and possibly one electrical site,” Rouse said. 

He said even if they have to release water, it won’t keep the show from going on.

“Rain or shine there’ll be Country Stampede,” Rouse said.

The concert organizers regularly get updates from the Army Corps of Engineers about the lake levels. 

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