TOPEKA (KSNT)- As temperatures drop, the focus turns to keeping the streets clear from snow.

The City of Topeka says it hired 10 new employees for these winter months and everyone is trained on the designated routes. Topeka’s snow plowing plan changed just over 2 years ago. Leaders believe, this has brought success to the city.

Topeka Mayor Mike Padilla says he is confident crews will be ready when the first snowflake falls.

“The confidence that the drivers had in the plan that they were using is felt by everyone,” Padilla said. “They think they are doing a better job, they feel that they are more efficient in clearing the roads, so I’m confident we’ll be ready for them.”

Emergency routes and roads that lead to highways are the first priority for city crews once there’s two inches of snow on the ground. Following that, main city roads with four inches of snow will be cleared. Lastly, neighborhood streets once six inches have fallen.