Rossville prepares for possible flood risk

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People in Rossville braced for potential flooding after emergency officials issued a flood warning Sunday afternoon.

With shovels in hand, people of all ages were out filling sandbags and loading them up in trucks.

“It’s mainly just kind of like any other time,” said resident Cody Dyche. “We’re used to it here in Rossville, so it’s been like bring your car down to the high school and get some sand and get ready.”  

Cory Gordon lives right down the street from Cross Creek. 

“First thing in the morning when I woke up, I got a text from my brother saying that it was likely to flood and I had an emergency alert on my phone, too,” said resident Cory Gordon.

The creek’s rising water level is one of the main concerns officials are monitoring.

“We’re looking at a water level of 28 feet, which is still pretty much just minor flooding and some moderate flooding depending on where you live,” said Shawnee County Emergency Management Director Dusty Nichols. 

They’ve also been encouraging people to have a plan in case the water level surpasses 28 feet.

“We can put the warning out, but it’s really up to the people to take care of themselves and have personal responsibility to have a plan, stay informed, get that information and react,” said Nichols.

Living by the creek, Gordon knows the importance of staying informed.

“I always kind of got that in the back of my mind,” said Gordon. “I keep a close eye on the level. I can check it online. So, I always keep an eye on that and make sure I’m staying ahead of it.”

For more information on how to check the levels at Cross Creek, click HERE.

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