Rotary Club of Topeka hears personal story about polio


The Rotary Club of Topeka meets every week to hear from a guest speaker. This week’s guest is no stranger to rotary meetings.

Carl Chinery is a Rotarian from Missouri. He travels the world trying to help stop the spread of polio, the virus that killed his brother. He read a letter from his mother from the time when his brother passed away. 

“At about seven a.m. the hospital called us and said George was dying,” said Chinery. ” and to come immediately which we did. When we arrived George was already gone.”

He was just an infant then. He now has white hair and lot of life experience, most of which he’s used to make sure other kids receive the polio vaccine.

“It was life changing,” said Chinery about his trip to help kids in India. “It’s wonderful to see the drops being given to children and learn they will never ever be subjected to contracting polio.”

This year the Topeka chapter raised $22,000 towards the goal of eradicating polio, making it possible for more than 7,000 kids to get the vaccine that Chinery’s brother never did.

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