Royal Valley students explore ‘STEAM’

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Students at Royal Valley Middle School recently explored “STEAM” or science, technology, engineering, art and math.

They were exposed to the areas of study through various activities during a recent “STEAM Day.” 

Seventh-grade and eighth-grade students teamed up in groups for 50-minute projects.

Students rotated through various classroom exploring different areas of STEAM.

“We do STEAM related activities in our classrooms throughout the school year, but this is an activity that we put together to have some fun and do some problem solving,” said Royal Valley eighth-grade science and technology teacher, Joe Baumchen. 

Baumchen said the STEAM Day gave students the ability to explore career paths. 

“We know that their careers that are going to become available for the students that are STEAM-related that may or may not have been created,” Baumchen said. 

Several students also recognized the value of the exploration. 

“It’s really great because it gives you a learning experience to like, what field you want to go into and what career you want to go into, because any of these could be a career,” said Royal Valley eighth-grade student.

Eighth-grade student Breauna Jewell said she also got a lot out of the activities. 

“I really like STEAM day because it gives a lot of opportunities for people to dig down and see what they can actually do,” said Jewell.  

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