MARYSVILLE (KSNT) – The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) warned citizens of a scam letter offering a large sum of money to purchase farmland on Aug. 18.

The MCSO said a local family was contacted in a typed letter to purchase farm ground for a ‘very substantial’ amount of money. The scammers offered to pay $200 in addition to the payment for the land.

The scammers request the victim provide signatures on the agreement and any corrected owner information to be sent back to the scammer, according to Marshall County Undersheriff Mike Vermetten.

Vermetten said the scammers were unsuccessful in defrauding the family or gathering any valuable information. The MCSO advised citizens to use caution when corresponding with anyone by phone, mail or email.

“Scams are abundant and often designed to collect personal information or money. Use caution!”

The MCSO said on Facebook.