Schools revisiting budgets after tuition freeze

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In-state tuition is staying flat in 2020, so administrators at state universities are having to look at their budgets again.

The state Board of Regents said no to proposed increases for six state universities: Kansas, Kansas State, Wichita State, Emporia State, Pittsburg State, and Fort Hays State University.

The schools are going to see less money next year than what many first thought.

“We will need to make some adjustments in our budget in order to make up for the revenue that we’re not receiving,” said Emporia State University Provost David Cordle.

The decision to keep tuition for in-state undergraduate schooling at the same level, came after lawmakers approved 33 million dollars more funding next year, after years of slashing money for schools.

“That affects their revenue stream and if you don’t have the dollars, there’s a lot of things, very difficult things, that you cannot do, you may have to put it off for a year, you may not be able to do it at all, you may have to eliminate some programs,” said Board of Regents Chair Shane Bangerter.

Cordle said the focus will remain on academics at ESU.

“The tricky part is to balance that desire to keep costs low with our need to keep our educational product as strong and as high quality as we can.”

Board of Regents members hope this increased funding from legislature can continue.

“We want to partner with the legislature and if the legislature will partner with us, we can use those revenues to keep tuition low,” said Bangerter.

Board members would like to keep tuition flat the following year as well, but that depends on how much money they get from the legislature.

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