Schools using quarantine classrooms to prevent coronavirus spread

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Schools are having to get innovative to prevent sending students home and coronavirus from spreading.

School is in full swing in Wamego, but to keep it that way precautions like quarantine classrooms are in place.

If a student comes into close contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive, they need to either test negative for multiple days or can be placed in a quarantine class for up to 10 days.

At the high school, students sit in a designated classroom six feet apart, with other students in the same scenario, attending classes virtually on their computer.

“It’s definitely not as good instruction and learning as when everybody can be in the room learning with the teacher and with each other,” Assistant Superintendent Scott Meitler said. “But it’s better than just being at home and only reading the textbook or completing the assignments on their own.”

Parents have the option of keeping their kids home, but the district isn’t allowing remote learning from home as the state has a minimum number of hours required physically at school.

“When they’re in, or can Zoom into their classroom, they’re able to hear the teacher,” Meitler said. “They’re able to hear the discussions that are happening. That’s a lot of times where the learning takes place when we’re having those discussions with the kids.”

For elementary classes where contact tends to be closer, a teacher can quarantine the entire class by staying in the room the whole day. The class arrives later and leaves earlier to stay away from other people.

Increased testing due to more supplies coming from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in the coming weeks will help make sure more students are staying in the classroom, providing easier access to quick results.

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