Seasonal help hard to come by for local businesses during Kansas labor shortage

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – The nationwide labor shortage is impacting businesses in Kansas and with the holidays right around the corner, Topeka business owners are struggling to find extra help.

Owner of the Red Door Home Store in Topeka Jesse Borjon sees the bulk of sales during the holidays. That’s why he likes to bring in seasonal people to help keep up with demand. This year has been more difficult than ever to fill those roles.

“There are some positions that we traditionally hire, seasonal warehouse folks that have been a bit of a struggle this season,” Borjon said.

Seasonal workers help alleviate some of that holiday bustle stress for Borjon and his employees; although they’re making it work, he says without them, full-time staff has to do more and work overtime.

“You know it continues to be a struggle,” Borjon said.

Across the road, at The Toy Store in Topeka, they’re not dealing with the same struggles as Borjon. Manager Ken Helsper says previously they’d need to hire seasonal help but not this year.

“We’ve just had our staff actually stick around most of this year and a lot of the people here have been here for closing out a year right now,” Helsper said.

While The Toy Store seems to be fairing OK, Borjon isn’t alone.

According to the Supervisor at the Topeka Workforce Center Shauna Downing, it’s not just retail seeing a shortage of seasonal workers. There’s a huge demand in all sectors of the workforce. Right now in Shawnee County, more than 6,300 jobs are posted online – and filling them hasn’t been easy.

The Center’s Regional Manager Cheryl White, says the pandemic forced many families to keep someone at home because of a lack of child care. Now many are deciding they can adjust their finances and continue staying home.

If they do decide to go back to work they’re looking for something remote with more flexibility.

Both experts suggest businesses struggling to find seasonal and full-time workers look into hiring bonuses, shorter workdays, and any sort of remote positions when possible.

Borjon says retail stores like his aren’t just dealing with labor shortages; they’re also working against slow shipping and merchandise shortages. He’s asking the public to be patient with them and says they’re all doing the best they can.

To learn more about seasonal roles at Red Door Home store, you can call 785-250-7720, or visit here.

For general hiring or employment help, click here.

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