Second Chance Animal Refuge Society helps dogs recover from abuse, mistreatment

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AUBURN, Kan. (KSNT) — A local shelter is helping dogs recover from abuse and abandonment in hopes of finding them forever homes.

Each dog at Second Chance Animal Refuge Society or SCARS has its own story.

“All their personalities are so much fun,” said volunteer Patrick Dieter. “I love them all.”

They all share a common bond of being saved from bad situations.

This is what one of their long-time residents Olive looked when she arrived at SCARS.

Under the care of their dedicated volunteers, Olive was nursed back to health.

“We enjoy taking a dog in that’s sick or starving and getting it well and adopting it to a family and seeing it go off and be happy,” said Operations Manager Maureen Cummins.

At SCARS, the dogs can roam free — free from a life of pain and mistreatment.

While most of their physical injuries can be treated, their trauma can take a bit more time to heal.

“It’s like a student who suddenly understands what you’re teaching and gets an ‘A’ on a test,” said Cummins. “You know, I found that to be very rewarding. It’s wonderful to see them come around and start to trust people.”

Cummins works hard to find the dogs the very best homes so they can live happy healthy lives.

“They’ve been betrayed once and we don’t want to do that again,” said Cummins. “So, we want a forever home.”

SCARS isn’t a typical shelter. It’s located on 50 acres of land with two ponds and is regarded as one of the few free-roaming rescues in the country.

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