TOPEKA (KSNT) – A semi-truck driver is being called a hero for jumping into action to help a Topeka man after his wheelchair fell on top of him.

A man in a motorized wheelchair was approaching the BP station in downtown Topeka when he fell while in his wheelchair. Fortunately, a semi driver who saw the accident sprinted over to help him. Not only was he able to help the man up, but was then able to repair the wheelchair for him.

Kelly Hogan witnessed the situation as it unfolded. She said she was in awe that someone could be so genuinely kind, making sure the man had everything he needed to continue on.

“A lot of people would have just walked away,” Hogan said. “‘Oh his wheelchairs got a problem? That’s his problem.’ That’s how a lot of people, you know, their attitudes, and I thought that helping him up off the ground was one thing, but going above and beyond and taking your own personal time to work on somebody’s stuff is a big deal in our day.”

The driver was identified by his trucking company as Wayland B. He told KSNT News that he wanted to make sure the man was not only physically okay but mentally okay as well. He also reminds people who are reading that with good deeds, come good karma.