TOPEKA (KSNT) – As a government shutdown looms, one Kansas lawmaker shared his concerns over what could happen if Congress fails to reach a budget agreement before the Sept. 30 deadline.

Congress remains divided on the budget. If they don’t pass spending bills this week, federal workers could be furloughed. Some federal assistance programs like SNAP and WIC would stop. Sen. Roger Marshall calls the standoff a financial crisis.

In an interview from Washington D.C., Marshall told 27 News this is a bi-partisan problem because neither party has been able to live within a budget. He says if you know you’re operating at a loss, it’s time to stop borrowing money and get back on the straight and narrow.

“No different than if you were part of a church or part of a school board that was upside down in your finances, or if you were running a business that was upside down in your finances; eventually you can’t keep borrowing money and you have to trim something you have to try and address the problem,” Marshall said.

If the House can’t come to a decision by Saturday, the federal government will shut down until they can. If that happens, Marshall said Social Security checks will still go out. It’s considered a mandatory program and isn’t funding by shorter-term appropriations bills. Medicare and Veterans Affairs benefits will also continue.