TOPEKA (KSNT)- With just days to go before Christmas, many people are keeping a close eye on package deliveries.

Because for porch pirates, this is the season of stealing. Shawnee County Deputies say there are some things you can do help prevent thefts like installing a doorbell with a camera to keep an eye on your porch.

And tracking your packages so you can make sure to be home when they arrive.

Deputies are working with homeowners and delivery drivers to help stop these crimes of opportunity.

“The more awareness that we bring to our citizens and the more that our citizens share that awareness as well, it’s going to alleviate a lot of those package thefts,” said Abigail Christian, Shawnee County Sheriff Public Relations Deputy. “The thieves that are our there, ready to steal the packages, if they see people talking and doing more things to help, they’re not going to want to keep stealing those packages. “

Deputies say if one of your packages goes missing, first contact the shipping company before you call law enforcement.