TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local courthouse is recognizing a special program ahead of Veterans Day this weekend.

Monday, the Shawnee County District Court celebrated the Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) with an inauguration. Since its start in June, four veterans have signed up for the program. The court’s mission is to identify veterans in the criminal justice system and, when eligible, get them into treatment and court supervision as an alternative to incarceration. Today, state lawmakers, court staff as well as a Kansas Supreme Court Justice gathered to recognize the court and those who make it possible.

Organizers say now that Shawnee County’s Veterans Court is now officially up and running, its ready to except more participants.

“We want everybody to know that we have started our Veterans Treatment Court,” Shawnee County Specialty Court Coordinator Brist McConico said. “We’re pretty proud of our Veterans Treatment Court and we’re excited about what we’re able to offer our veteran’s as far as treatment and services.”

Retired Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, Lawton Nuss gave the keynote address. He told those currently in the program they’re all tough enough to graduate this program, because they were tough enough to graduate boot camp.

There are now five VTC programs in Kansas, with new programs in Shawnee, Sedgwick and Leavenworth counties opening just this year.