SHAWNEE CO. (KSNT) – School is starting back up again and so are slower speed limits in school zones.

Shawnee County deputies are reminding all drivers to be aware of changing traffic speeds as the school year starts. KSNT 27 News spoke with the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office who say its deputies are starting to be on high alert in the county’s school zones. Across the county, there are more than 15 school zones. Deputies mainly look out for school districts like Seaman, Auburn Washburn, Shawnee Heights, Rossville and Silver Lake.

Each district has its own school zone speed set, along with the days and times that the speed limit is enforced near every school in that district. A deputy says fines for traffic citations in these school zones can be doubled; that’s on top of paying the court costs.

Law enforcement wants to remind drivers its okay to slow down during school hours- to keep everyone safe.

“When you’re out and about driving, especially in near schools, just slow down,” Abigail Christian, Shawnee County Public Relations Deputy said. “Just slow your speed down, take a little bit of patience. It’s children’s lives that are at stake. So, just take a moment, and slow down.”

Christian says since every school zone speed is different, 20 miles per hour is a safe speed if you don’t see a sign in a school zone.