Shawnee County Commission approves spending for Potwin Circles renovations


On Monday’s commission meeting, commissioners were presented a bid of $43,000 to renovate landscaping for the eight Potwin Circles.

Commissioner Bob Archer wasn’t sure if the money from taxpayers should benefit a single neighborhood, if it’s not going towards a public park.

“I could never support spending tax dollars, that would solely benefit the resident’s of a wealthy neighborhood,” Archer said.

Part of the renovations would go to install a self-irrigation system into the circles to water the plants.

After Commissioner Kevin Cook said he would vote for the renovation, Archer said he felt that Cook held a conflict of interest because he lives in the neighborhood.

“I think we are commissioners to represent the entire county, not a specific area,” Cook said. “It does not benefit me directly.”

The next concern was why the money was allowed to go to one neighborhood and not another. After the debate, the bid passed 2 to 1 with Commissioner Bill Riphahn and Cook voting for the project.

Money for the project would come from the county’s Parks and Rec funding for deferred maintenance.

If you would like to see the full documents, CLICK HERE.

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