Shawnee County Community COVID-19 Indicator Rating has decreased 3 points from 7 to 4

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Shawnee County COVID-19 Community Indicator Report for the period from April 11 through April 17 is reporting an increase in COVID-19 cases, while other metrics have dropped.

The overall index score this week has decreased by 3 points from 7 to 4.

It was originally reported the decrease was from 7 to 5. The health department released a modified Indicator Rating later in the morning on Thursday indicating the score had actually dropped to 4.

This keeps our community in the Moderate index this week. Key takeaways from this week’s scorecard include the following:

  • Number of weekly cases slightly increased (+3.4%) to 120 cases total for this reporting period
  • Percentage of positive tests also saw a slight increase up to 3.3% for this reporting period
  • Cases contacted within 24 hours of being reported has continued to stay at a high percentage; at 96% for this reporting period
  • Percentage of close contacts notified of the need to quarantine continues to increase; reaching 100% for this reporting period

Three weeks ago we announced the confirmation of the B.1.1.7 variant in Shawnee County. Since that announcement we have now confirmed 60 total variant cases in Shawnee County including 5 cases of a second variant B.1.429. Even as numbers have seemed to plateau over the last handful of weeks, it is important for our community to stay vigilant in its COVID response by continuing to practice the 3 W’s (wearing your mask, watching your distance and washing your hands) and getting the vaccine when able.

Shawnee County Health Department

The Associated Press has reported that about three-quarters of Kansas counties have turned down new shipments of the coronavirus vaccine at least once over the past month as demand slows.

State data shows that six counties have rejected allocations for four straight weeks, 33 for one week, 26 for two weeks and 16 for three weeks. Only 24 counties, mostly the larger ones such as Shawnee, Johnson and Sedgwick, haven’t turned down any shipments.

The Shawnee County COVID-19 Community Indicator rating was moderate, scored at a 7, for the period from April 4 through April 10.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment said it has identified a patient who contracted the Brazilian P.1 variant of coronavirus in Sedgwick County.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Secretary Lee Norman announced that Kansas will follow the Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administrations guidelines and pause the use of the COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This after six recipients in the United States developed a rare disorder involving blood clots within about two weeks of vaccination. 

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