Prosecutor says timing of Watkins charges not connected to KSNT debate

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay said the timing of his press release containing charges against U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins did not have any connection to the GOP Congressional debate.

“I usually send out press releases after 5 and before the 6 o’clock news and the reason for that is we’re actually very busy here at the DA’s office dealing with things like three homicide cases the night before [Monday night],” Kagay said.

Kagay also added that he unaware of the debate Tuesday night at 6:30pm which aired on KSNT-TV.

In December, we told you about the news of Rep. Watkins registering to vote listing his address as a Topeka UPS store near SW 29th and Wanamaker. He went on to clear up that he lives at The Overlook Apartments west of Huntoon and Wanamaker. That would mean that he voted in the wrong district during local elections, prompting an investigation.

Kagay says the results of the investigation which started in January got to his office on Friday, July 10. Then his office received the affidavit on Tuesday.

“At the end of the day, five o’clock…when people are done with most of the business of the day, that’s when I actually have time to sit down and write a press release,” Kagay said. “I’ve always made it my responsibility not to delay anything.”

Watkins’ opponent Jake LaTurner tried to make it clear that he was not involved in the timing of the charges.

“Truthfully I think I’ve met Mike Kagay one time for a minute to say ‘Hi’,” LaTurner said. “I don’t know Mike Kagay. I have nothing to do with any of this.”

Watkins pointed out a shared ‘political consultant’ between LaTurner and Kagay during the debate Tuesday night.

But Kagay tells KSNT News he doesn’t have a consultant.

Both men have since learned that they use the same voter mail firm for their campaigns.

“I have since learned that Singularis, which is a mail house that does stuff for hundreds of politicians in Kansas,” LaTurner said.

“I have hired a firm that does mailings, and I’ve done that in the past, there’s a group called Singularis out of Kansas City I think, and they do work for a lot of people,” Kagay said.

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