Shawnee County health officials looking to improve access to food in community

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TOPEKA (KSNT)– Local health authorities are working to improve access to food in Shawnee County.

Officials are running a “food system analysis.” This report is going to help health workers decide what needs to change to help those who are most vulnerable.

The first study performed by the health department confirmed that there are food deserts in certain areas around Shawnee county. Those are areas with limited access to fresh, affordable food.

The analysis will show what has changed, but also identify additional challenges caused by the pandemic.

This information will help county officials be better equipped to fix the overall problem, one example, farmers markets.

“To then ultimately increase access to farmers markets to other areas of our community where there is a plentiful amount of food available to an individual,” Craig Barnes, Shawnee County Health Department, said. “When I talk about food not only food itself but healthy food.”

June 28 is the planned start of the contract. This is when the research will begin.

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