TOPEKA (KSNT)- The Shawnee County Health Department noticed a rise in influenza A and B cases and decided to take action.

Starting tomorrow, the Health Department will add “Influenza A” and “B” tests to the coronavirus tests. This means you can get tested for both influenza viruses and coronavirus at the same time with one test.

These are administered through its drive-thru rapid testing.

Coronavirus numbers are still on the rise, and now the county is seeing a significant rise in influenza numbers.

“There’s just a lot of respiratory viruses that are still going on in our community,” said Craig Barnes, Shawnee County Health Department. “You know, and the big thing is, think about those, your friends, your families, coworkers, things of that sort that may be immunocompromised and you’re not aware of that. If you have an opportunity to protect a loved one or friend from catching a disease, it’s always important to do.”

Drive-thru rapid testing is available Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon at the Shawnee County Health Department.

Results are ready within an hour of the test.