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Shawnee County kids show off talents in spelling bee

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - About 70 Shawnee county kids came to Washburn University to show off their spelling talents. 

The words started easy but they definitely got harder as the list went on and the group got smaller. 

Some families even had more than one competitor. Kavinayashri and Gopikaashri Chidambaranathan are sisters and they both made it to round nine. The older of the two made it to the top five last year, but it was her little sister's first time competing. 

"Most of the time it's just one [practicing] with dad, one with mom," said Kavinayashri. 

These kids may have looked calm and collected but they said they get super nervous up there, including the winner, Anna Harkin.

"I was so nervous, especially when I got words I didn't know," said Anna. "But when I was done saying the word I was cool." 

"Sometimes you might know the word but you suddenly doubt yourself," said Kavinayashri. 

Anna Harnick will go to Wichita for the statewide spelling bee next month. 



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